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Dr. Oz had experts on

his show discussing/ followers of the Paleo diet. According this dr…50% of all calories in each meal should be vegetables , 25 % lean protien , 15% fruit and 10 % healthy fat such as avacodo or nuts. No starches are allowed at all. Nothing that comes in a package including grains, dairy or legumes which are all considered inflammatory foods. Although I still don’t agree…it was presented far healthier than the discussions I have heard here.

I would love to help you

as I am a retired General Contractor living now in Michigan-I built my 2000 SF home plus basement back in 1997,1998 era, I live there now- .I turned 75 last Dec. Building this house is how and when I discovered I had a Heart problem, I carried two 5 gal pails of paint into the home from my Pickup truck, and noticed I was winded, sat down on the pails for a few moments, then went out and got two more 5’s- back inside I noticed I was winded again, as I sat there to recover, it dawned on me it was my Heart and I was having Angina pain.
My home at that time was in Arlington Texas, and I was in Transit so to speak, and had allowed my Health insurance to expire, (must have hurt my brain) lol — well here I am 60 years old and no Health Insurance and a Heart problem- we lived in Marshall Mi, in a Mobile home as a temp residence while I built the home up here in addition to my home in Arlington, plus 5 other homes I owned down in Texas. 5 years from Medicare help- I went to the local Dr, he gave me some Nitro tabs, then I started Chelation treatments, I had to drive 80 mi to Grand Rapids for the treatments, they didn’t really help much as my angina continued . I lived with Angina for 5 years, then on the day I qualified for Medicare, I had a stent job done. It helped, but 4 or 5 years later I had another stent done. Same artery I think.
Diet-I eat what I want, when I want it, red meat, fish, pork, chicken , what ever- I don’t even think about it- Health , I have Blue Cross,Blue shield, PPO, in addition to my VA healthcare, who does a very good job of taking care of me. I am over weight but I do most of my own chores around here, but it is getting harder and harder to bend over or get up from the floor, but I still do it. Enough said, now keep me posted on the progress of that home, Bill Har

I have to agree

I’m working on 73 and have plans to hand build my sweetie a new very modern house over the next several years that she’s designing for a 2½ acre piece we just bought in Yucca Valley. Anyone want to help build Rammed Earth walls with me? You can drive the skip loader while I do the tamping.

Some good information

Lar, but I think it’s also important to highlight some of the hidden points in your email

First I’m not really concerned with how I may feel 20 to 30 years from now. I’m 65 now (or will be in June), so if I’m even alive at 85, I’ll be surprised.

And secondly I live to eat. I get enjoyment from it, and would be content only getting 20 [or 30] years eating as I choose. Admittedly I also yet enjoyment from cycling and bowling, but I also know at 85, while I still maybe able to bowl and cycle, I won’t be competitive enough to get me that excited.

I usually regard anything

that comes out of the mainstream news to be total BS. The recent “news” about Red Meat is one of the worst example of a “study” that is hyped by the “news” and has since been debunked by a number of entities. The Mayo Clinic released a conflicting report a day or two later. I seldom listen to the “news” You can’t believe it half of the time, and the rest of the time it isn’t true.
Everything about our health is in the gut.

You are so right

We never talk about stress but it is a known fact that stress effects our health. When something happens to us the first thing they tell you to do is to calm down. Even when you go to the ER with a heartattack one of the first things they give you is morphene to calm you down. Stress strains the body through increased blood pressure and effects your whole body. And even though we know this we still stress out. Even when we panic over something our blood pressure raises we get short of breath and pant our heart rate raises and if we dont settle down our body makes us pass-out to calm down naturally.


I’ve been keeping up with the whole thread but as usual am rushed with no time to comment, but wanted to remind everyone of something quickly.
It takes damage to the inside of the the arterial wall initially for it to end up blocked. I did a search right now for information I have gleaned over a number of years and discovered that in the search I did, it just kept saying over and over that no one in the medical community knows what causes this arterial damage for the build up to start. This is key to this conversation because Smoking is a factor but this conversation is focused on health. 20 years ago is when I first learned about and thought about this. I understood it clearly that as long as the arteries do not “nick” inside or develop damage, nothing happens. Some speculation is acidity of the blood (avoiding dehydration prevents this) but I have personal reasons to believe that there is something else more specific under our control that can affect that. I think it is STRESS , pure and simple. I think our body has many physiological responses to stress and that there is no way we can function optimally under it. Avoiding stress and you go a long ways to not just causing this problem in your arteries but benefiting your health is so many other ways as well. I do agree that staying well hydrated is optimal for health in many many ways and i’m sure the arteries are definitely no exception considering that hydration would always be a key factor in terms of our blood.
The stress thing never hit home so clearly to me until a few years ago when I had a severe autoimmune disorder.(The autoimmune stuff is inherited from my mom but I didn’t have it my whole life like she has, however, she has managed hers very well with health) I have since learned to manage stress in a totally different way and it has been amazing. I didn’t realize I was under control of that in this manner. Reevaluating stress and understanding it on a deeper level from my personal experience has really changed my life. (I am on this list because of what happened to my father.) I have tried to pass on what I’ve learned to him. I think for my parents old behaviors die hard. But they are very very healthy and do so many good behaviors. Them learning to deal with stress in the way I have, it seems like they are miles from that at the moment though. I have not tried to work with them on the nitty gritty of it and maybe I should. I have tried to teach when I am around them. I think sometimes I am afraid to tell more for fear of causing further stress!

Long lived..

I’m 77, my mom passed about 7 years ago at 95. Grandma was 96, and great grandma was 97. Great Grandma fellout of a cherry treeand broke her hip. It was the first time she hadeverseen a doctor or a hospital. She had a huge garden of herbs, and she knew what each one did. If you didn’t feel well, she’d send you out to the garden, tell you which plant to pick and how many leaves she needed. She’d make a tea or a poultice, depending on what was wrong with you. We almost never indulged in “store bought”. We had vegetable gardens, we baked our own bread.

Dear friend, I dont remember if you take isosorbide

If you do how many mg to you take? I had the same kind of problem and my cardio increased the mg on it I was takeing and it stopped. Most people take 30mg to 120mg, I take 240mg every morning plus I take ranexa. This is probably what you cardio is going to do so buck up and get ready. And dont forget what does not kills us makes us stronger. That is a very wise old saying, a very wise person told me that when I needed to hear it and so I return the favor.

Its time for me to be honest here

during the last month or so, I have been awaken with Angina pain sever enough that it wakes me from a sound sleep, I don’t get up but instead reach and find my Nitro on my night stand-it ends the pain,this has happended 4 times and it scares hell out of me-The Internet says this is called Prinzmetal Angina or Variant angina -Now I take a nitro pill before bedtime and no longer have this problem. In any case I am going to make an appointment with my Cardio Doctor.

I just read your posting, so thanks for posting

You described exactly what i’m going through. i’m 35 and have been impotent (trouble maintaining full erection) for as long as i can remember. i’m just now dealing with it, which i regret alot. i just had angiogram last week and determined the inflow/arteries are normal/good. my urologist thinks venous leakage is the culprit. i’m going to have some test in a couple weeks to determine for sure it’s venous leakage — he’ll inject dye into the penis until its very fully erect and take pictures (x-rays?) to see where the veins are leaking. i NEED to know the cause of this. and even if there is a 10% chance of surgery working in the long term (i’ve read alot about the venous legation surgery option and its not encouraging) i’d do the operation. I’M SOOOO DESPARATE. god help me.
I’ll let you know what the venous leakage x-ray test shows and the details of it.

i’ve been dealing with my ED issue for last 6 months and have been reading and reading and exploring every single option and cause/cure (i am kicking myself for not realizing this problem and started dealing with earlier). I thought of uprima, and have found a website that sells it and bought 8 pills — expensive (like $250) and the package came in the mail was from Greece (strange) — like i said, i’m desparate and will try this out, but after i had the veinous leakage test. so, you definitely can get uprima here in U.S.

my question — Has anyone had VENOUS LEAKAGE surgery? Can you please post and let me know your experience?

Also, i just discovered this website today — eureka! its so reassuring to know i’m not the only one. I’m wicked depressed about this, and this site is helping me less alone (but i’m still depressed). so thanks all.

Pain with my heartattacks

I had pain with my heartattacks and the classic signs. But I dont remember them. I was on life complete life support for five days heart pump and all. I was also ash gray and also on levophed the whole time which in itself can cause problems. I dont remember anything from the time my first heartattack happened till the day after being off of life support. Some say that is a blessing but I wish I could remember how I felt when I had my heartattacks so I would know when my aches and pains were leading to one or not.

I wish I had a warning

I also read somewhere the silent attacks can be more deadly because nothing is done. Two months ago I had a warning and an angiogram was done where they found 5 arteries 95% blocked. That night I had 2 more attacks without pain and almost died. I actually turned charcoal grey. They attached me to an external heart pump to assist my heart to keep me going til my bypass surgery several days later. After surgery, my EF went from 25 to 50. My cardio thinks it will go higher. My last EKG a couple of weeks ago shows I may have a second dead area but he thinks it will recover. I’m lucky to be here.

Normal heart with no damage at all

Is it possible to have a “normal heart with no damage at all” after having 2 heart attacks?

I was under the impression every heart attack causes some damage. Is that damage repairable? Or am I mistaken in my belief?

We need to have lunch again.

The future is just a concept we use to avoid living today

I have several side effects and allergies to meds

I am taking diovan which isn’t really working for blood pressure and nothing for cholesterol because they all make me sick, dizzy, or in one case a trip to the hospital. Can you provide me with more info for the serrapeptase? I do take Omega 3 fish oil, coq-10 and other meds for depression and back pain. Any info is appreciated.
Ken in PA

Marc had mentioned that runners had experimented

with anti-oxidants to control ROS for years, with little impact.

I much prefer the more measurable use of anti-oxidants to keep LDL un-oxidized. This prevents blockage growth, maintaining good blood flow all over the body.

Excellent amounts of anti-oxidants in herbs, spices, fruits and veggies, in that order.

No pill required.

All you sent so far is one invitro study

and now one using mechanical hearts. We all choose to believe what we want to believe, but until I see some results from actual legitimate clinical studies, i.e. randomized patients etc. along with the peer review articles, I’ll just chock this stuff up to all the other worthless remedies designed to do nothing more than separate a gullible and desperate public from their money.

But everybody is free to believe what they want, and accept what they want as fact.

fats, stain, cholesterol

I’m simply showing there’s another side to the fats/stain/cholesterol theory You seem to have a lot of faith in Pubmed which is part of the medical association which happens to be the 3rd largest cause of death in America. If they’re right, why is heart disease not gone? Why is it the number one killer? I see you blame eating fats as giving you angina. Heavier meals is harder to digest and makes the heart work harder.
Maybe your already compromised system can’t handle heavy meals? I’m not telling you to switch. What you’re doing seems to work for you. I’m simply showing that not all docs agree. In fact they may all be wrong.
Prior to the late 1920’s, cardiologists hardly saw any MI patients and that s when they ate fats like lard etc. Now that we’re off all those “bad” fats, MI’s are an epidemic. Can Pubmed explain that? Nope. BTW, I lost 10 friends & family members to doctor error not counting close calls due to error.

You need a cardiologist if you have a worsening medical

problem with your heart, or one that requires the breadth of knowledge about the heart for unknown illnesses that seem heart related. But if you are stable and otherwise in good health, you don’t need their medical knowledge, and they know that.

Otherwise, its all lifestyle. Get yourself a copy of “Longevity Made Simple”, by Denver cardiologist and Master’s Rowing champion Richard Flanigan. His cardiology practice followed dozens of medical journals for over 20 years, and summarized the results in this very readable book. Heredity based heart disease only occurs once for every 500 incidents of cardiovascular disease. 99.8% is lifestyle.

Make the choice for a very healthy diet, and select a couple types of exercise you can do and will do because you will enjoy them. If you love to dance, then dance. But be active, and don’t overdo it.

When I play volleyball on the weekend for 4-6 hours its not work, unless I finally get tired. Every serve and every rally is fun and new to me. I could careless about the score or if my team wins. I like to win, I try to play mistake free, and expect the same of those I play with. But the nature of the game is the other team is also trying to win, and its just not possible to hit the ball perfectly every time, nor anticipate where it will go. That keeps it fun and fresh and unexpected. We laugh a lot, congratulate one another on good plays always, and for good effort on failed attempts, too.

I still use my treadmill occasionally, usually watching something I like on TV, so the time passes more easily. And I row some and practice archery. Both are meditative in nature, one with strength and constant effort and repetition, the other in stillness, strength and skill.

I find things to laugh about all the time. If you really pay attention, people use English very poorly, and there is always something funny in a second meaning from imprecise word choice. Listen for that, and you will find yourself laughing to yourself all day long. Or reply going with the flow of the funny meaning, and you’ll make others laugh, too.

Life is long and somewhat hard. We will all die. But enjoy as much as you can. Be kind to others, so they enjoy you.

Walk fast if you can. A fun titled article states to stay ahead of the Grim Reaper, you average walking pace needs to stay at 3 mph or better.

My first cardiologist told me to take three supplements:

Fish Oil, 1000 mg three times a day
CoQ10, 100 mg twice a day
Grape Seed Extract, 100 mg twice a day

A low fat diet will for much more for you than any statin to reduce LDL. Couple that with daily well tolerated exercise of an hour, and it will come down even more. My cardiologist expected my LDL to drop 10-20% on statins. It came down 60% with diet, exercise and statin.

You want to eat lots of red, blue, brown fruits, plus herbs and spices daily if possible for the impact of a high anti-oxidant diet to prevent LDL oxidation. Pistachios to boost EPCs, pomegranate to give you a chance to reduce blockages through the action of paraoxonase.

I wish I had an answer as to why for you but I dont

I have heard some other member say that they were from texas but I dont remember who. I hope they read this and can tell you of a good doc close to you or at least an hour away. I travel a little over an hour away for my doc but it is worth the drive. He is with one of the top hospitals for cardiac in the state.

But they at least should mention it to their clients

This third “doctor” is also demanding that I take a statin. Its a known fact that statins deplete CoQ10. and yet all three cardiologist that recommend it never said a word about taking a CoQ10 Suppliment. Merck (makes Zocar), has had a patent on a combination statin-CoQ10 for over 20 years , but never manufactured it. Why???

I am in South Texas

One hardly needs a cardiologist for diet and exercise recommendations

Most C’s are not nutritionists, though they could know more.
Most C’s are not rehab specialists, though they could be good athletes.

I’m not a cardiologist, but I do know a LOT about heart disease, having solved the vast majority of my own riddle. I’ve researched diet for heart disease, experienced foods that give me angina over time, and ones that keep me from having any.

I knew a lot about exercise, and now I know even more about exercise physiology and some specific aspects of rehab and exercise so that I am able to take on almost anything I want, constantly improving fitness, and essentially turning back the clock on aging and heart disease.

Maybe this doctor hired all these obese women so they see what happens to people who do not take care of themselves through diet and exercise. Those people become his patients, or die young, or both.

Now if I could just acquire a girlfriend to match my energy, libido, humor, and smarts.

Yes this is typical or classic age related ED

tadalafilbestpriceIt is gradual and helped by many things we figure out matter and we get by as well as we can as long as we can with the help of our considerate partner. Pills may help for a few years. Eventually erections can be a thing of the past with the wife even though porn or other visual stimulation may work for a short term erection. It usually can not be maintained long enough for completion. This is where caverject with is tadalafil best price 20mg or trimix can come to the rescue. Both are injectibles and sample erections can be had at a uro which provides this therapy. I prefer trimix and most have no trouble with it after they become familiar with using the syringe. Try it when you get desperate enough and you may wonder why you waited so long for such a great solution to the ED problem you have. I have been using trimix since 1992 and it still works great at 75 and lasts for more than an hour.

I think some of us can help you

First tell us where you live and then someone close to your area in the group will tell you the doctor they use. You need to have a doctor that is willing to listen to you and will answer your questions. If your doctor wont do that you dont need him or her. My doctor was affraid that he might have missed something so he reccommended that I see another just in case. I went to a doctor in another state 150miles away to get the second opinion. This doctor was at the heart instute in tenneesee. He basically confirmed everything that my doctor said after doing several tests. So I stayed with my first doctor. If you dont have one like that you need to get one. My doc takes time and listens to any and all questions that I have and explains things to me. So tell us where you live and maybe we can help you find a doc that is going to help you not boss you around.

How can you trust these “doctors”

On my third cardiologist. Went to the third just to get a new echo-cardiogram done. He did it and my EF has gone from a low of 25-30 to 35-40 now. The disturbing thing for me is not one of the three “doctors” ever mentioned diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes that can help my heart. What was even more disturbing is the latest doc has 6 young women working in his office. My guess is that they are all 25-35 years old. One is overweight and the other 5 are severely obese. Is this doctor just hiring women who he knows will be future clients. I tried to ask him some questions and he looks like “a deer in the headlights”. He let me know in no uncertain terms that if I don’t want to do everything he says, he does not want me as a patient. I am going from bad to worse.

The only reason I brought your name up

was because you would know the oxygen levels and what was best. This way when he keeps up with his it might be able to help him consider from that stand point. I could not think of anyone that had a bypass that had oxygen problems can you.

I keep up with oxygen levels

because I have emphysema, COPD. I don’t know how yours pertains to your problem. With the lung disease, anything over 92 is ok, anything below 88 is not ok, so one uses supplementary oxygen to stay at 92 or above if possible, and to not go below 88. I can’t help you on the heart problem. I have not had a bypass. I have two stents placed in the coronary artery following a heart attack.

Hi Tony, I can only think of one person

in the blog who keeps up strongly with an oximeter and that is Shari. She has had surgery and is on oxygen thereapy. I hope she sees this and can respond on how she would feel given that option. She is a very smart person when it comes to oxygen levels. Hop her response can help you in some way.

Hi Tony, Sorry to hear you had to have a bypass

I dont know what to tell you but the choice is yours. I hope someone in the group can help you with this. But with that said to drain the area the procedure should not be all that bad and if it is going to help you you should not even have to ask anyone. Haveing this done will help your quality of life and that is what you need to think about you. I know you are probably worried about another surgery. I face that every day. I have a condition that makes me blow up like a 9 month pregnant women. I wish I could go ahead and have surgery and be done with it but because of my health the doctors want to wait till it is a have to. The last time it was like that I had to stay in the hospital for a week with a hole in my stomach for drainage waiting for my blood thinners to ware off. Then they did the surgery and the night of surgey I started bleeding out and they had to give me 4 units of
blood before they could get it to clot. You have always been proactive about your health and this is not a time to change. Best wishes. Bill

I had a quint bypass almost 3 months ago

My CXR shows a large pleural effusion in my left side and from the research I’ve done, it can be quite normal after a bypass. My oximeter readings go from a resting 95% to 98% during exercise and drop when I finally sit down to between 88-91%. After a few minutes, they go back up to a higher 98-99%. My cardio thinks I should have it drained. My research says most of the time it resolves on its own. Anyone have a personal experience they can share so I can make a decision whether to wait a bit longer or not?

Think for a moment about all this

Every day we find another substance that Lowers Cholesterol, thins the blood- and performs other important actions, such is Curcumin- which is even better at Cancer Prevention- so why the hell are we being fed, shit that destroys Muscle, nerves, the brain, our blood cells. Why ? They scare us into it so they can make money- I am talking to the Pharmacist today about Curcumin and I too am going to GNC, they have one in Right Aid- they have a good Pharmacist there too, who will talk to you.

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Just keeep surprising him, you will both be very happy.

My advice is:

Give him some indication and TIME before you plan to make love with him. So he can take his viagra and maybe eat and/or drink less and get prepared for it… Don’t tell him directly to take his viagra; don’t even talk about it, since it’s a sensitive subject.. Just tell him that you want it and if he also wants it; you can do it tonight… When you start making love, don’t grab his thing and tell him “let’s do it in another night” when you think he is not erect enough… Give him the TIME he needs… Men need also time to get turned on and many women doesn’t understand that and they immediatelly think that the man doesn’t have enough stimulance, mostly because of lack of interest to her, which is nonsense..

Succes.. Joe…

If the heart is compromised

10 minutes of intense exercise is the LAST thing you need.

Exercise as is COMFORTABLE, and increase in very small amounts week by week. Those increases may be as little as 1 extra minute, or a mere 5% more weight to lift. No discomfort or elevated breathing rate is required. That would indicate the heart itself is not getting enough oxygen. Don’t ever do that to yourself. It is not necessary.

I am in excellent physical condition, despite a dozen untreatable 80% blockages in addition to the three bypasses, two of which became total replacements as the arteries were 100% blocked and calcified 8 months after surgery. I row for an hour, or play volleyball for up to 6 hours.

Jhon, I’m alot older than you

but have been single until a few years ago. I masturbated ALOT over them years, and looking at ALOT of porn along with that, Very, very, damaging to erection quality!
I suggest of course to stop the ? habitual masturbation! Being young, you will of course also not be able to stop LOL. Do try to cut down to when you feel an terrible urge to have an orgasm but in that, NO porn.
I believe you are too young to begin taking ED “erectile dysfunction” medications! I belong to a forum for PE “penis enlargement” but don’t too much adhere to the what the forum promotes.
I have alot of guys your age that take ED meds for “sexual recreation” and for helping with PE.
But still, don’t think young guys should take ED meds. I even have a web site for folks looking for good quality ED meds at good prices…I’m not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned there.

I trust Meditation and breathing exercises

india /yoga type helped me Greatly to recover from heart attack.
I wish i could have known the value of exercise in younger days.Now with excellent Diet control and good combination of Yoga , Exercise , Breathing and Mantra Meditation (and Synergy between Indian and allopathic meds ) , my EF has improved to 58 % from 30 % after heart attack in 2 years.
NO ANGIOPLASTY OR STENTS OR BYE PASS .have a happy heart -thanks

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It’s of concern that politicians might be making choices for doctors and as managing sexual criminals isn’t a standard practice that could be codified, care must certanly be taken, and to refuse some previous sex offenders medicine within an make an effort to manage the team in general is foolish.

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Berman claims that some convicted sex offenders will be in treatment for years, without any recidivism, and to deny them use of an ordinary sex life including refusing them treatment for erection dysfunction, could be detrimental. In the place of aiding and abetting a sex-offender, it is much more likely that sildenafil citrate has been recommended to those in a healthier, consensual relationship who’re experiencing erection dysfunction, says Berman.

Obviously all of this is very good material for your press espeicialy with some type of sexual abuse or other being revealed on a just about every day basis.

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Dr Berman suggests that if your physician has determined that Sildenafil citrate must certanly be section of a sex offender’s recovery toward an ordinary life, and sildenafil citrate is included in our federal Medicaid program, it’d be wrong to refuse the treatment, and removing a prior sex offender’s sildenafil might actually impede effective treatment.

You mention you had secondary circulation

Did you exercise prior to your problems?

You are indeed a miracle man. With everything you can do, it amazes me how a little fat will give you angina within a few hours. How long did it take you to go from 40% to 65% EF? I just found out my EF is down to 40% after my recent heart attack and I would like to increase it.

First Handle for Disease

Many recent studies demonstrate that before you consult an infertility doctor to simply help you become pregnant, you must certanly be given medicines to deal with a possible hidden disease. A number of other studies show that the most typical reason for infertility is just an uterine infection. Over 60 percent had proof of a previous illness.

The more partners you’ve, the more likely you’re to become infected, though you could be infected by one contact. Pregnancy can be prevented by an infection by preventing the uterine tubes. Infected people might have burning on urination, discomfort once the bladder is full or an urgency to void. Ladies might have only spotting between periods. Or there might be no symptoms at all.

Infection with chlamydia may be the most typical cause of blocked Fallopian tubes that cause pregnancy. Initially, chlamydia paralyzes the cilia so the egg can not achieve the uterus, then the tubes are blocked by it so that nothing may pass in to the uterus.

EVALUATION OF Pregnancy: Blood tests: Female: FSH (menopause), TSH (thyroid condition), Prolactin (brain cancer), Progesterone (7 days after predicted ovulation, around 21 days after start of menstruation), HSG (to check on if uterine tubes are available). If masculinization: testosterone, DHEAS, 17-oh progesterone, sonogram of ovaries. Male: sperm analysis.

Men and women could be infected with mycoplasma or ureaplasma, despite the fact that all available assessments can not locate them and they might don’t have any symptoms use azithromycin 500 mg once a day for 5 days.

Dr. Gabe Mirkin is a radio talk-show host for 25 years and practicing physician for over 40 years; he’s board-certified in four specialties, including sports medicine.

My own blockages

of the three primary coronary arteries were 99%, 99%, and 80%. Another dozen blockages further down the artery branches of 80%. Plus aneurysms and ectatic sections all along the artery branches. Normal cardiac circulation so minimal that my heart had opened/grown a more or less complete second capillary network covering the entire heart, such that on checking for secondary circulation, the angiogram team’s first impression was that I was undergoing a massive heart attack and was about to die before their eyes. Instead they were able to watch the heart fill and beat, fill and beat under no apparent stress at all, as the angiogram dye in capillary network exposed enough heart muscle for the team to watch essentially complete filling and beating of the heart. I was scheduled for bypass surgery the next morning at 10. At 9:00 PM that evening I awoke from sleep to very strong chest pain and rang for my nurse. She called the cardiologist, who ordered a bedside EKG. No current damage. He applied nitro paste to my chest and the angina soon dissipated. My surgery was moved to 7:00 AM, apparently the earliest possible time.

I have recovered very well. I have been very methodical in my recovery, and can go months and months with no angina at all. Unless I get fat in my diet, other than dark chocolate. Then I will have chest pain within four hours, the time it takes to digest a meal and have fat enter my bloodstream.

My with a gradually more “strenuous” exercise program, my ejection fraction increased from about 40% back to a high normal of 65%. I do sliding seat rowing up to an hour, weighted step up routine on an 18 inch bench with up to 60 lbs or more, and other exercise such as volleyball that I can play for 6 hours. At age 60, my max heart rate during exercise is as much as 180 beat per minute with no chest pain, no fatigue, no shortness of breath, and not even any panting or other symptoms of a high heart rate, while playing basketball. If I was age 40, this would be considered 100% of my max heart rate, and a normal 40 year old could not continue exercising for more than 1 minute without becoming exhausted. I have continued at that pace for as much as 30 minutes. How old does my heart then appear to be, that of a 25 year old ? Basketball is less strenuous than sculling, since one is running, but it is not as complete exercise as rowing which requires the heart to supply oxygen to the legs, butt, arms, back and abs all simultaneously, plus the lungs to oxygenate everything, the heart to circulate it.

This in addition to my very low fat, high anti-oxidant diet, and now mostly very low stress lifestyle. I do take CoQ10, fish oil, and multi-vitamin as supplements at my cardiologists suggestion.

My knowledge of atherosclerosis, anti-oxidants and other extremely beneficial foods comes from hundreds of hours of research of previous studies available on the NIH website, and a few others.

I am not nearly the best athlete among cardiac patients. But I am one whom my doctors described as having among the most total networks of blockages of cardiac circulation they had ever seen. They only bypassed the three major blockages, leaving the other dozen blockages without treatment, inoperable. In recovery, nurses quietly referred to me as the miracle man. Not to me directly, but among themselves at a distance. One can hear quiet voices late at night, and sometimes that same voiced nurse whom you have never seen before comes to check on you.

To sit around quiet and bored would be a living death. I feel almost free as a bird, energetic as a young gazelle.

Is my plan better than others ? I don’t how I could be healthier.

Things To Know Before Opting To Buy Sildenafil Citrate Online

Generic viagra (citrate sildenafil) – is unquestionably the most popular active component in managing erectile dysfunctions or impotence in men. A lot of folks refer to this substance by its branded names. It was first used in Viagra, but it is now widely implemented in some other branded medicines. Since each branded drugs is supposed to be unique, don’t be surprised to find it in distinct shapes or types. For instance, you could take it by gels, but also by caplets. Also, it may also be found in generic variants.

What exactly is viagra taken for?

SC is part of a particular group of medications that inhibit special materials in the human body. Their primary assignment would be to enlarge the blood vessels in the entire body, but mostly around the penile area. So, blood circulates using an even more intensive and healthier flow. Of class, it depends on the sexual stimulation. Nearly, the medication is totally ineffective without sexual stimulation, so don’t skip the prelude.

The medication is created specifically for men with erectile dysfunctions. It is the primary option in men who cannot achieve an erection. It’s just as helpful in men who may end up with an erection, but without the skill to maintain it throughout the entire sexual act.

It’s worth understanding that ed drugs cannot be taken by healthy men. It can not enhance your operation in bed should you be sexually healthy. At the same time, women should stay from this drug, as it can just cause side effects.

How can I take sildenafil?

Take it based on the instructions, in case you can see a practitioner physician before taking sildenafil citrate. Otherwise, practice the administration particulars within the prospect. If you’re not certain, check having a doctor or even a pharmacist.

The optimal dose is 50mg or 100mg and should not be taken more than once every day. This is not an OTC (Over-The-Counter) drug, so it must not be taken should you not want to interact right into a sex. Apart from that, take the drug one hour before the real action. Remember that elevated alcohol consumption or a heavy meal rich in fatty fixings may delay its effects with to 30 minutes.

The pill should be taken whole, without being chewed. Take it having a glass of plain water if it feels also big. Smashing it’s going to release an excessive amount of the active substance while in the gut, resulting in side effects. Whether the effect is overly strong or feeble, discuss together with the physician. Moreover, understand that sildenafil citrate will not help you if you are not sexually stimulated.

Does sildenafil citrate have any negative effects?

Sildenafil citrate is really a drug, therefore it does have side effects. Many are overcome by the sexual activity, therefore most patients can’t even observe them. Side effects are gentle to moderate, however in addition, there are situations when they may become disturbing. Lay out, if they bother you or you get chest pains and try and relax. Apart from that, the more popular side effects comprise:
Facial redness
Vision issues
Stuffy nose

Should I buy sildenafil citrate over the Internet?

The same as most other drugs, sildenafil citrate can be purchased from an internet pharmacy also. Because it doesn’t actually need a medical prescription, you’re free to go from any source, so long as it’s safe. Be sure that you buy from a reputable pharmacy and you will be happily surprised by the low costs and the quick transport times.
Most men who order sildenafil citrate online get it done out of shame. Nothing can become more embarrassing that telling a physician or even a pharmacist that you suffer with impotence, particularly if there are far more folks waiting in-line. So, normally, this is the optimal solution to start enjoying your sexual lifestyle again.

My suggestions:

1. Drink juice ( fresh) Dudhi (long guard ) available in Indian stores in US.Beet juice very good to lower BP.
2.Arjunarisht is the Best Ayurvedic medicine. Can be taken as preventive
3. Flax seed paste,Almonds, Walnuts for HDL improvement
4.Specific Breathing called Anulom Vilom helps increase Heart ejection factor
5.Pray to rising sun if possible cahnt/listen to gayatri Mantra (at least for 10 minutes ) . Vizualise that blockages are getting reduced . Happening for me.
6. Yoga and Shavasan -Corpse position excellent
7.Listen to soothing music , mantras 24X7 –
8.Follow 5 , 10 , 8 , 20 rule-5 servings of fruits every day,10 minutes (min ) intense exercise ,8 hrs of sleep and rest , 20 minutes MEDITATION
I AM SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE AND reduced my dependance on medicines by 40 % in last one year.NO STATINS PL.

I had my Myocardial Infraction Last February 2013(Type 2 Diabetes)

and found out that my arteries are block and I have to undergo angiography, but before I proceed to angiography procedure, I took some herbal medicine for 40 days… after 40 days I went to the Dr. and proceed for angiography and it is a miracle he found out that the arteries are already healed no block or damage… as per to his findings. Praveen, Please try this herbal medicine maybe it will help ( 1 cup of ginger juice + 1 cup of garlic juice + 1 cup Apple cider vinegar + 1 cup of lemon + 3 cups of honey) boil the rest of the ingredients except the honey until it reduce to 2 cups then cool for a while then add 3 cups of honey…. place in airtight container… keep in fridge… take this daily before breakfast and I add also fresh garlic(1 clove) everyday before breakfast and see the result after 40 days! until now I still keep drinking this herbal medicine… the only hard
part is the preparation.

Dear Pravin-As i had severe heart attack

2 years back and was 40 days in ICU in Asian Heart , I can suggest following:

1.Go for second opnion and find out time you can wait before any other treatment.
2.Urgently get in touch with Balaji tanmbe or MADHAVBAUGS dR rOHIT sANE .Madhavbaug’s treatment at Khopoli has helped me
for very good recovery.However I was not advised Bye pass.
3.You must be taking medicines , please add Ayurveda after consulting best available doc in your area.or you can visit Khopoli for consultation.
You can get in touch with Dr Gurudutta amin and refer my name.
4. I am on FB as Kishan Vasekar and you may send reqst urgentlt. you are invited to join our group happy Heart.
I am from IIT B and now in US with our Doc daughter and Cardiologist son in law.
5.Please mail me on kkvasekar@… cell no and i will call you.
Most Important-Pray Shirdi sai and swami Samatha -They saved me from alost certain death-My prayers with you.Om Swami Om -Om Sairam

Blockage in heart

Hi, i am new member to this Blog. i want your opinion my history as below

Cardiologist suggest by -pass surgery .

i dont want any surgery . i go with treatment as per ayurvedic consultant for 20 days course.

IS my dicision is right? shall i cure by AYURVED THERAPY



Letter to Tony:

My neighborhood friends first got me interested in exercise when I was about 10. Before that I only swam and walked the dog. Playing frisbee came next, then as they got older they added other sports, and we played those too on front lawns, backyards or in the street. football, softball, basketball. more swimming. Then at the beach, and bodysurfing. Not ready for cross country in high school, I did poorly.
Next year I tried football. Practice was great, but I rarely played in games. But I got in shape, got some respect for trying hard, being able to take a hit in pads. In college, I rowed and trained with the Crew, worked really hard and enjoyed it, and played intramural basketball. I’ve pretty much always exercised.

As an adult, running, or playing basketball, even just shooting hoops, and then rowing again, and yard work. So even as I kept up my exercise, I had blockages building. They take decades usually. But until some people are selected for yearly angiograms over decades, they can’t be sure. Doctors suggested that with the slowly building blockages, my exercise habit forced my heart to adapt and build the extra circulation. They likened the additional capillary network as similar to that of someone in the class of an Olympic marathoner who has trained for years. Except with the blockages of a very fat sedentary man with high blood pressure, of about a hundred years old who was about to die. If my arteries had been calcified, they could not have operated, as the brittle arteries can not be sewn because they will simply shatter.